MONUMENTA starts a new activity, organizing the photography workshop “Photographing monuments, Archaeological sites – Historic & Modern buildings”. The workshop includes:

• Historical overview of the photographic depiction of monuments. The theory and application of photography through an analysis of its relationship with archeology, architecture, urban planning and policy. Presentation and examination of contemporary photographic production in the fields of applied and artistic practices.

• The basic principles of photography and retouching. Specific focus with regards to the techniques of photographing and retouching architectural structures in urban and non-urban environments.

• On-site group sessions with an emphasis on the historic centre of Athens. Discussion and critique of work produced by participants. Support in the development of a stylistically coherent series of images for each participant.

• Distribution of notes and presentations in electronic format (pdf, powerpoint) and the issuing of a certificate of attendance.

Requirements: Basic ability to operate a digital camera and PC. Access to a digital camera (preferably with manual override functions) and a laptop. (Some equipment available for loan, please enquire)

Duration: 1-22 November 2012 (Six 3-hour sessions – 2 per week)

Cost: 170 € / students 120 € / MONUMENTA members 140 €

Instructors: Stergios Karavatos (Photographer, editor, curator and photography theoretician), Jeff Vanderpool (Photographer, curator, educator)

Information / Registration: 2130023342 (Tues 11-1, Wed 4-6), 6973 308857, [email protected]