In 2010, the Association of Parents of the 70th Primary School of Athens, which is located next to the Acropolis and the new Acropolis Museum, organized painting workshops in collaboration with the Museum of Greek Children’s Art.

During these workshops, the children were encouraged to express their feelings and thoughts on the absence of some of the Parthenon sculptures from their birthplace. Their innocence and the assertve way in which they expressed thye need for reunification of the Marbles became a touching a unique experience for all. As a result, an anthology of the children’s drawings was published under the title “Our Sculptures Have their Homeland”.

The anthology is prefaced by a touching letter written by the children and addressed to the world, urging for teh reunification of the Parthenon Sculptures. The letter is included in 27 different languages, a process which was aided by the cooperation of many of the embassies in Athens. Several exhibitions have also taken place featuring the children’s works of art, and the Association of Parents is open to the idea of future exhibitions in Greece or abroad. Copies of the anthology are still available and can be obtained through a small donation by contacting the Association of Parents of the 70th Primary School on

[email protected].