Friends of ASOR (American Schools of Oriental Research, Boston University) have launched “Ask an Archaeologist,” a brand new YouTube series dedicated to finding out what people want to know about Archaeology. The series is based on questions submitted by viewers. Viewer’s questions will be answered by professional archaeologists with years of experience.

“Ask An Archaeologist” provides reliable, entertaining and educational information about Archaeology in video form. It is also a opportunity to connect students with professional archaeologists around the world.

The series is “currently and always accepting questions”. This could be used as a group or individual activity challenging students to create interesting questions, answered by real archaeologists, and viewed by thousands of people around the world.

To submit questions: Email questions to [email protected] with the subject “Ask An Archaeologist”. Use #AskAnArchaeologist on twitter or facebook. Tweet us directly @AmerSchOrietRes. Comment on the series’ facebook page.

Video question submissions are also accepted.

* Episode 1 of the series has been released and can be viewed at