A three-week long, intensive study abroad programme combining at least 40 hours of morning on-site classes with afternoon specialist lectures and weekend fieldtrips will be running on June 7-27, 2015.

Syllabus: Covering Athenian history and culture from Greek prehistory to the present, this exciting, experience-based course invites students from around the globe to study, as well as enjoy, one of the world’s most ancient cities. Through a comprehensively structured academic syllabus, enrolled students are able to reflect on many different aspects of the city’s history and culture – from its archaeology and art history to matters of modern and postmodern political and social life.

On-site classes include: The Acropolis and the New Acropolis Museum; the National Archaeological Museum; the site of Kerameikos and its museum; the Byzantine Museum; the Islamic Museum; a day on Athenian markets, ancient to modern; a day on places of worship, ancient to modern; a walk along the ancient city walls; Byzantine and Ottoman Athens; Neoclassical Athens; a day-trip to Eleusis; a day-trip to Marathon and nearby sites; a tour of the First Cemetery of Athens

Afternoon lectures include: Prehistoric Athens; Athenian history through coins; Athenian housing, ancient to modern; the peoples of Athens; contested spaces in the Athenian landscape

Weekend field trips include visits to: the ancient sanctuaries of Olympia, Delphi, and Epidaurus; the prehistoric palaces of Mycenae and Tiryns; the old town of Nafplion and the traditional villages of Andritsaina and Arachova; the Byzantine Monastery of Hosios Loukas. (Schedules may need to be altered due to weather conditions or time constraints)

Eligibility: Applicants from a wide range of backgrounds are welcomed, including archaeology, history, classics, social anthropology, art history and cultural studies, both undergraduates and graduates.

Course requirements: No particular knowledge of history or archaeology required; a good command of the English language, however, is necessary.

Enrolment: A minimum enrolment of 10 is required; the Programme reserves the right to cancel the course by April 1st 2015 if minimum enrolment is not achieved; maximum number of attendees: 25. Students are advised not to purchase non-refundable tickets before early April.

Academic credit: 6 ECTS / 4 SCH (equivalent to a regular one-semester course according to either European or American standards; since degree requirements vary among universities, students are advised to ensure in advance that their home university will recognize this programme; detailed syllabus outlining the contact hours, reading and assessment available upon request).

How to get there: enrolled students will be given detailed information in due course. In the meantime, those interested in applying are encouraged to visit the site run by the Greek Tourism Organization or the Athens Convention and Visitors Bureau site.

Housing: Students are free to make their own arrangements. If any assistance is needed, they should contact the organizers.

Tuition fees: 800 Euros (approx. 900 USD), inclusive of all fieldtrips, welcome and farewell receptions, as well as teaching materials and assistance.