The 3rd summer school on Ancient Technology and Crafts is organized again this summer by the International Hellenic University (29/06 – 10/07), ThessalonikiGreece.

Programme Outline and Goals

Progress and innovation in technology were of exceptional importance for the development of ancient societies. Ancient technologies and crafts are of interest to archaeologists and historians but also many other scientists. The International Hellenic University Summer School in Ancient Technologies and Crafts offers the opportunity to study different aspects of the technological advances of ancient cultures, with a principal focus on ancient Greece, revealing the outstanding technological level that in fact the ancient civilizations had reached.

In the course of the programme, the latest historical research along with state-of-the-art scientific techniques applied to the analysis of archaeological findings will be presented by senior academics and field archaeologists who are experts in various research areas, such as the exploitation of natural resources, the crafts exercised in everyday life or recorded by state bureaucracy, building technology, the outcomes of the interconnection between technology and science or technology and ideology, etc.

The Summer School on Ancient Technology is planned to be held annually with the aim of a) providing an international forum on technological achievements of the ancient Greek world and b) making greater use of the rich resources of Greece in terms of specialists in ancient technology research.

The aim of this 2-week intensive school is to make the participants more acquainted with aspects of ancient technologies by providing up-to-date knowledge presented and discussed by the experts of the relevant fields. It is of great benefit for the students to study ancient technologies and crafts in a location such as Northern Greece where in recent years major works in preservation have been accomplished by applying modern techniques and ideas and the museum exhibitions display impressive results of ancient technologies.

Programme Directors

Programme Director, Dr Anna Michailidou, Research Director Emerita, Research Centre for Greek and Roman Antiquity, Institute of Historical Research, The National Hellenic Research Foundation.

Programme Scientific Coordinator, Dr Georgia Aristodemou, Researcher of Roman Archaeology, Academic Associate, School of Humanities, International Hellenic University

Subject Topics and Programme Structure

The series of lectures deploy around three interconnected topics. Each year the School will focus on at least two research areas from each topic, with a variety of lectures offered for each field. For 2015, the series of lectures offered are:

Introductory Lecture: An Introduction to the Ancient Greek Technology, by Prof. Dr Theodosios Tassios, Civil engineer, Professor Emeritus, National Technical University, Athens, Greece, President of the Association of Ancient Greek Technology Studies, Member of the Academy of Sciences of Turin.


Technology and ownership of metals

Technology and diffusion of Ceramics

Invention of faience and early glass

Glass technology in architecture

Stone building technology


Ancient astronomy and mechanisms inventions

Script technology as communication technology

Ancient Harbours and Navigation

Mapping, technology, and culture

Geophysical methods in archaeological fieldwork


Paintings and Mosaics in their political milieu

Coinage and social structure

Script technology in the service of power

Restoration principles of ancient buildings

Water management in public and private service

Archaeological Photography and Art Education

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