The Fondation Hardt is an international research centre for the study of Classics and Ancient History just outside Geneva. It is located in an elegant 18th c. villa in a park with views of Mont Blanc, and the accommodation has undergone extensive and very successful modernisation. It has an excellent and beautiful library, particularly strong in texts and commentaries, and provides a peaceful environment for a period of uninterrupted research and writing. It also provides the opportunity to meet scholars of all ages and all nationalities: there are up to eight in residence at any one time. The food is excellent!
Through the generosity of the Classical Association and the Societies for the Promotion of Hellenic and of Roman Studies, seven bursaries of up to £500 are again this year being offered to Doctoral Students in the U.K. to enable them to take advantage of a stay of two weeks at the Fondation in 2019. As a generous post-Brexit concession, the costs of accommodation and full board for two weeks for bursars have been capped by the Fondation at £400. One can get to Geneva easily by Easyjet or British Airways. The beneficiaries of such bursaries since the scheme was established have reported back with the utmost enthusiasm about every aspect of their stay.
If you wish to apply for one of these bursaries, please let me know by e-mail (not letter), by NOON, December 13th: state what year you are in at what university, what your academic qualifications to date are, and why you would benefit from a stay at the Fondation; give also the title and a brief description of your thesis (not more than 750 words in total). Please also ask your supervisor or someone else who knows your work to write on your behalf to me (at [email protected]) by the same date.  If you use attachments, please send them as word documents, not pdfs, and ask your supervisor to do the same. No late applications can be accepted. The decision will be made by a committee of representatives of the sponsoring societies chaired by me. The library at Vandoeuvres is excellent for texts (including epigraphic texts, and much early Christian material) and commentaries, and has the main Classics and ancient history periodicals; it is less strong in archaeology. While staying at the Fondation you also have access to the excellent library of the University of Geneva and its online resources.
If you are successful in applying for a Bursary, you will also need to apply to the Fondation for an invitation to come and stay, using the form available at, but you can expect that application to succeed. If you have independent sources of funding you are most welcome to apply to the Fondation with or without a bursary.
The period of opening in 2020 will be from early February to the end of November (exact dates will be posted soon on the website). Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have queries.

Prof. Rosalind Thomas   ([email protected])