The EpiDoc Workshop – Training in digital epigraphy and papyrology and electronic publication will take place on April 20–24, 2020 (starting 11:00 Monday; finishing 16:00 Friday), at the Institute of Classical Studies, University of London.

The cost is £100 for one week (£50 if unwaged and no source of funding*). The
Tutors are Gabriel Bodard, Laura Löser, Christopher Ohge and Charlotte Tupman.

Applications are invited for a five-day training workshop in the use of EpiDoc (, the de facto standard for encoding ancient epigraphic and papyrological editions in TEI XML for online publication and interchange. The workshop will cover the encoding of ancient texts in XML, sources of information and support on EpiDoc, and publication of editions through the EFES platform ( No technical knowledge is required, but participants are expected to be familiar with the transcription conventions for inscriptions and papyri (“Leiden”), and either Greek, Latin or other ancient languages of their epigraphic tradition.

To apply for a place on this workshop, please send a brief explanation of your motivation for seeking EpiDoc training (including any projects you will work on) to Dr Gabriel Bodard at <[email protected]> by February 23rd, 2020.

*If you would like to request the unwaged rate, please confirm that you have sought funding from your institution to cover the fees and that none is available.