“Ancient Origins” invites its readers to a free video course on Ancient Greek History:

Isaac Newton was a student at Cambridge when the Great Plague of London hit. His university cancelled classes and, just like many of us today, he was forced to stay at home. Fortunately for us all, he used that time wisely. It was during his self-quarantine that he developed the foundations for calculus, optics and gravity.

So, too can we make good use of this time, if we are willing and able, to learn, to read, to philosophize…

Our partners, Classical Wisdom, would like to help during these trying times, whether it’s a way to stay sane in insane times or just continue the pursuit of knowledge. As such, Classical Wisdom will be offering their ancient Greek history video course, The Essential Greeks, completely FREE to everyone staying in.

Founder and Director, Anya Leonard explains: “From the comfort and safety of your own home, you can sign up and begin classes – including 40 videos covering the most important Greeks from Homer to Aristotle, original texts, e-books, biographies and quizzes.

“The Essential Greeks course has begun Sunday March 22nd, but you will have full access to the materials as soon as you sign up.

“Sign up yourself, your friends, family members, or anyone you think would enjoy the journey and appreciate an educational distraction.

“After all, it is at times of crisis when we need the classics the most, for the perspective and wisdom they can provide…”

Sign up for the Essential Greeks Video Course Completely FREE here: