The Larissa Municipal Gallery – G.I Katsigra Museum, starts the new season with the exhibition “Giannis Gaitis – The Crowd and Loneliness” on Saturday, October 10, 2020 in the Irene Katsigra Hall.

“Giannis Gaitis (1923-1984) belongs to those artists whose work was a turning point in the rejuvenation of Greek art in the post-war years and who also strove to reach an international public” ,say the organizers of the exhibition. “His little men, the culmination and mature expression of his artistic quest, are among the most recognizable and emblematic images of a creator with a non-negotiable socio-political-attitude and unfettered critical spirit; a bold and subversive artist, a revolutionary,who enthusiastically throws himself with passion and enthusiasm in the adventure of life and art, overcoming the contradictions and adversities of his time; a creator who records his world, seeking and exploring new ways in which art tackles everyday life; a creator whose presence and what he offers far exceeds the limits of his artistic proposals”.

The exhibition records the different paths followed by Giannis Gaitis, with works that  are the most representative of his art both chronologically and aesthetically: from his first paintings with clear influences of Pablo Picasso and the art of the surrealists to his quest towards abstraction. And from his narrative microcosms to his anonymous and identical little men with the striped and checkered suits, the little men with whom he identifies and asks us to identify with .

It is these little men who will welcome the public on October 10, in the exhibition space of the Larissa Municipal Gallery, “calling us to vigilance and self-knowledge, hope and transcendence, critical thinking and reflection, empathy and resistance against all that leads to mass production, the loss of uniqueness, the passive acceptance of oppressive social and political mechanisms”, conclude the organizers of the exhibition.

A bilingual catalogue in Greek and English will be published for the exhibition.

Exhibition curator: Loretta Gaiti (architect – museologist), Giannis Bolis (art historian).

The exhibition will run until the spring of 2021.


Larissa Municipal Gallery-G.I. Katsigra Museum, 2 G. Papandreou str, Larissa. Tel .: 2410 623615, 2410 616266. E-mail: [email protected],