The expansion and restoration works of the National Gallery are nearing completion. Minister of Culture and Sports Lina Mendoni carried out her standard inspection of the building on Friday, December 11. As she stated “we conducted our regular inspection of the National Gallery’s construction site. In March 2021 we shall deliver a state of the art Gallery comparable to those in other European capitals. Eighteen months ago we had taken on a construction site that had come to a standstill. Thanks to the dedication of the services of the Ministry of Culture and Sports and coordinated by its political leadership, what then seemed impossible has now become possible. The project is progressing smoothly. Despite difficulties caused by the pandemic, the contractor company has responded with the supply of materials from abroad. The project’s timetable as set in July 2019, has been kept to despite any sudden problems that have occurred due to covid. With the completion of this phase and after a thorough check on the security systems,the services of the Gallery begin the setting up of the exhibition”.

The installation of the wooden paneling and constructions has already been completed. The wooden floors are in place. The drop ceilings and the lighting are being completed at the same time. The cloakroom is being built in the foyer, while in the coming weeks the digital equipment will be installed. Seats are being placed in the amphitheatre which is fully prepared regarding the necessary technology.

On the third floor the cafeteria is ready, as well as the main museum store where the showcases and furniture are soon to be placed.

Landscaping of the surrounding area is progressing and will be stepped up when work in the building has been completed, while the internal rules and regulations for the National Gallery’s operation are expected to be completed by December 30, 2020,

Ms. Mendoni was accompanied in the inspection by Secretary General of Culture George Didaskalou and Ministry of Culture officials.