The Research Center HiSoMA (Histoire et sources des mondes anciens, UMR 5189) is one of the research centers
federated within the Maison de l’Orient et de la Méditerranée-Jean Pouilloux (MOM) in Lyon, France. Its activity focuses on the study of ancient worlds, covering a wide geographical area (from Gaul to the Indian subcontinent, via Egypt and
the Levant) as well as a large chronology (from the Old Pharaonic Empire to the Late Antiquity, even to the High
Middle Ages) and encompassing all disciplines of Classics (archaeology, history, literature, linguistics, philology,
patristics, epigraphy, numismatics, iconography).

The HiSoMA Fellowship is intended to finance a one‐month research stay in Lyon for the elected student. The stay
is fixed in March of 2022. The hosting institution will cover travel and accommodation expenses up to a maximum
of 1200 Euros, as well as a lump sum of 600 € for meals.

The Fellowship is open to international doctoral and post-doctoral students (up to 5 years after
PhD), who have never been attached to a French institution nor have any present affiliation or link to a French
institution or university. A mandatory condition to apply is to propose a research project in line with HiSoMA’s

Application deadline: September 30th 2021.

All details about the application process can be found here: