This year, the Acropolis Museum invites you to experience a festive season with family programs, evening gallery tours for adults, hidden stories of the exhibits, unique gift creations in the Museum Shop and festive meals at the restaurant.

Christmas carols

Combine your visit at the Museum with a coffee or desert at the restaurant and Christmas carols. On Thursday 22 December at 11 a.m., the Museum will welcome the famous Greek National Opera’s Children’s Chorus for a Christmas concert, directed by Konstantina Pitsiakou. On Wednesday 28 December at 11 a.m., the Female Choir Ensemble ‘Chórεs’ will present traditional carols and well-known songs from the Greek and international repertoire, directed by Simela Emmanouilidou. These two concerts are organized in collaboration with the Greek National Opera. For the year-end closing, the Museum will host on Friday 30 December at 11 a.m. the Efxinos Club of Episkopi Naousa in Imathia that will present traditional carols and Pontian dances.

Evening tours at the Museum and traditional recipes

Every Friday of the month of December, join us for a captivating walk in the Parthenon Gallery, where you can admire two unique vessels from Toronto, Canada. Their iconography is closely related to the Parthenon’s frieze. Clay and marble reveal known and unknown aspects of the Great Panathenaia, which you can discover together with the Museum’s archaeologists in the Parthenon Gallery. The gallery talk takes place at 6 p.m. in English and at 8 p.m. in Greek (participation: Museum general admission ticket).

To complete your Museum experience, we recommend you enjoy a festive menu lunch or dinner (from 20/12 until 8/1) at the second floor restaurant (from 20/12 until 6/1). Join us also at the restaurant every Friday and Saturday until midnight (except for 24/12 and 31/12) for a delicious dinner over the beautiful views of the Acropolis hills. Restaurant reservations: 210 9000915.

Goblin …mix up

This Christmas, goblins invade the Acropolis Museum! There they will team up with various mischievous creatures of antiquity, such as Satyrs and Pan and… mix up the exhibits’ captions. As a result, Museum visitors receive false information! In this program, set up in the form of interactive play, Museum archaeologists are asking for the help of the children to fix the chaos and keep troublemakers away.

Days & hours: Wednesday 28/12, Thursday 29/12, Wednesday 4/1 & Thursday 5/1, 10 a.m. and 12 noon (in Greek only).

Participation: For children 5-10 years old. Free participation for children & general admission fee for parents/escorts.

Registration: Limited to 30 visitors per program. First-in first-served.

Hidden stories of 20+1 masterpieces

Discover with the Museum’s archaeologists the hidden stories of 20+1 masterpieces every Saturday of the month of December. Myths and fables, folklores and traditions, historical milestones and human stories transform into art and weave a vivid experience during an outstanding walk in the Museum’s galleries. The gallery talk takes place at 10:30 a.m. in English and at 12:30 p.m. in Greek (participation: Museum general admission ticket).

Special gifts for the holidays

Before leaving the Museum don’t forget to pass by the Shop, where you will find beautiful decorative objects, and Christmas gift ideas. This year’s lucky charm is ideal for a gift to your loved one, inspired by the helix which forms at the peak of the sima (roof gutter) of the Hekatompedon, the great temple built around 570 BC, about 120 years prior to the construction of the Parthenon.