The extraordinary mediaeval Creation Window has been conserved and reinstalled, behind Environmental Protection Glass, in St Anne’s Chapel.

For the first time in as long as anyone at the Priory can remember, Adam now can be seen holding a yellow apple, and Eve holding another whilst the devil looks on from a tree. The apple wasn’t noticeable before the conservation work carried out by the York Glaziers Trust.

This amazing window is well worth a visit – it’s part of a collection of the finest English mediaeval stained glass in any parish church. But… the scaffolding’s still up inside St Anne’s chapel and outside the window, too, so access to visitors is restricted until it’s been removed and the chapel cleaned. We don’t have a date for this, yet.

Thanks to The Friends of Malvern Priory, The Worshipful Company of Painters and Glaziers of Glass and The Headley Trust, for providing the funding to make this possible. And to the perseverance of present and former members of the PCC who undertook countless hours of work, enabling the project to be undertaken.