Katherine Blouin (ed.), The Nile Delta. Histories from Antiquity to the Modern Period, Cambridge University Press, 2024, Online ISBN: 9781009175166. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1017/9781009175166

This is the first volume on the history of the Nile Delta to cover the c.7000 years from the Predynastic period to the twentieth century. It offers a multidisciplinary approach engaging with varied aspects of the region’s long, complex, yet still underappreciated history. Readers will learn of the history of settlement, agriculture and the management of water resources at different periods and in different places, as well as the naming and mapping of the Delta and the roles played by tourism and archaeology. The wide range of backgrounds of the contributors and the broad panoply of methodological and conceptual practices deployed enable new spaces to be opened up for conversations and cross-fertilization across disciplinary and chronological boundaries. The result is a potent tribute to the historical significance of this region and the instrumental role it has played in the shaping of past, present and future Afro-Eurasian worlds.