The colored icons in front of the name of the user refer to the hierarchy of users within the site. They also indicate the validity of the article the user is reading. The red and blue icons represent articles by users who have received the approval of Archaeology. The remaining icons indicate articles for which Archeology disclaims any responsibility (read here the disclaimer statement). Therefore it is recommended to carefully read and verify their content.

Red: Red stands for the Administrator of each Vortal (e.g. Archaeology Newsroom for Archaeology, etc.).

Blue: Blue stands for scientists with acknowledged scientific work, whose texts are exempted from the approval process of Archaeology.

Green: Green stands for registered users-subscribers, who are free to post comments, publications, opinions, texts and photos on their personal webpage. The views expressed in their texts are those of the user and do not necessarily reflect the official views of Archeology. Publications and opinions of users are subject to approval by Archaeology Newsroom. Approved texts are posted on the homepage of Archaeology.

Yellow: Yellow stands for registered users with access to the contents of the site, which however do not have the privileges users of the other categories have. The approval process is the same as for users with green icon.

Grey: coming soon