27 April 2018 Start
27 April 2018 End
6:30pm EDT Time

A Brief History of Black Classicism in the United States

Friday, 27 April 2018

Michele Valerie Ronnick (Wayne State University) will present “A Brief History of Black Classicism in the United States” in celebration of the exhibition Black ClassicistsView the live stream here or on the CHS website at

About the Exhibit, Black Classicists 

The Center for Hellenic Studies is showcasing fifteen portraits of influential black classicists. This historic exhibition celebrates the important role of African Americans in the field of Classics, and provides a unique opportunity to reflect upon the purpose of higher education and its place in the struggle for equality and human enrichment.

The African American men and women featured in this exhibition taught Greek and Latin at the college or university level and made groundbreaking achievements in education. Their academic accomplishments bolstered a new tradition of black intellectualism and resulted in greater opportunities for future generations of African Americans.