18 January 2024 Start
18 January 2024 End
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm PST Time
USA Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture (MAC) 2316 West 1st Avenue Spokane, WA 99201


A lecture about the Neolithic Site of the Ness of Brodgar in Orkney

January 18, 2024

A hybrid lecture about the Neolithic Site of the Ness of Brodgar in Orkney (Scotland) by Scott Pike, PhD, Environmental Science And Archaeology, Willamette University.

About Dr. Scott Pike

As both a trained geologist and archaeologist, my research uses geological theories and methodologies to tackle archaeological and art historical problems. Currently, I am pursuing two major research trajectories. The first is the development and application of portable instrumentation to study the synergistic relationships between societies and their changing landscapes. These projects use geologic principals and methods to understand how the landscape influences the development of human cultures and, in turn, how dynamic landscapes influence social and cultural stability and change. Research along this trajectory includes a systematic geochemical study of floor samples collected from multiple monumental structures at the Neolithic site of the Ness of Brodgar in Orkney, Scotland. My second line of research focuses on the procurement, use, trade and aesthetics of white marble used in the ancient Mediterranean basin. Current marble research in this area includes analysis of marble samples from the Parthenon and Propylaea on the Athenian acropolis as well as the development of using aerial photography and other emerging technologies to record and study ancient marble quarries.

The lecture will broadcast in realtime via Zoom.
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