22 April 2021 Start
25 April 2021 End
09:00 AM US ET - 5:00 PM US ET Time
Egypt, the US American Research Center in Egypt (various locations/online)


ARCE 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting

April 22-25, 2021

ARCE 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting, the central annual event of the American Research Center in Egypt will take place from April 22-25, 2021, from 09:00 AM US ET to 5:00 PM US ET. Speaker sessions will begin on the morning of April 22nd and end on the evening of April 25th.

The event provides a unique opportunity for scholars, students, ARCE members, and the general public to hear from and engage directly with those working in the field. This year, each of the four consecutive days is divided into three concurrent speaker sessions where scholars and expedition leaders present their research findings and discuss the latest developments in their projects.

The ARCE 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting features approximately 100 individual presentations, plus a keynote presentation; this year’s keynote speaker is Dr. Ramadan Hussein discussing, “Of Masks and Mummies: The Discovery of a Saite-Persian Mummification Complex.” 

ARCE 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting further Events

This year, ARCE is offering a special session geared towards early-career professionals and students. Led by Dr. John Paulas, President of Ph.D. Matters Ltd, the Speaking Our Futures: Career and Professional Goal Planning Workshop will provide hopeful and helpful professional development guidance. This lecture is limited to 50 registrants.

Further Annual Meeting Events include:

Exalted Spirits Conference 

Fellowship Information Session 

Holy Family Tour 

Conference Access, Fees, and Registration

All sessions for the Virtual Annual Meeting will be recorded. Registration includes free and unlimited access to all recordings for one year and will be made available at the conclusion of the Virtual Annual Meeting.

View the event’s tentative itinerary here.

For fees and registration see here.