5 March 2015 Start
7 March 2015 End
Greece Aristotle University, Ceremony Hall, Faculty of Philosophy old building, Thessaloniki

Archaeological Work in Macedonia and Thrace during 2014

Thursday 5/03/2015 - Saturday 7/03/2015

At the 28th meeting of the Archaeological Work in Macedonia and Thrace a total of ninety-three papers will be presented covering the period between the prehistoric and the modern era and a broad geographical range between the Evros in Thrace and Kastoria in Western Macedonia.

Every year since 1987, the archaeologists of Macedonia and Thrace have met in Thessaloniki. Greek and foreign archaeologists, architects, civil engineers, chemists, geologists, anthropologists, palaeobotanists, and conservators, from the Archaeological Service or the University, scientists specialising in the study of the historical past and committed to preserving, protecting, promoting, and exploring the area of Macedonia and Thrace — all come together each year for three days, during which they exchange information and opinions through fruitful discussions about the finds made in the course of the previous twelve months.