12 December 2023 Start
12 December 2023 End
2pm (Cairo time) Time
Online event


Conversations about Nomadism

December 12, 2023

The online seminar series Conversations about Nomadism, hosted at the Institut français d’archéologie orientale (IFAO), will host two talks on the topic “Views from Eastern Sudan”, December 12, 2pm (Cairo time).

Within the framework of the “NOMADES” project (Nomads and Nomadism in the Eastern Sahara [Egypt, Sudan, Eastern Libya]), a recurrent seminar (three to four sessions per year) is being launched under the title ‘Conversations about Nomadism‘ in order to create and animate a research network on nomadic societies and forms of nomadism in the Eastern Sahara.

The talks are:

1. “Traditional nomadic landuse in the Red Sea Hills”, by Gidske Andersen & Knut Krzywinski (Bergen University)

2. “Islamic funerary monumentality in southern Beja land:
the medieval stone shrines of the Sudano-Eritrean lowlands” by Stefano Costanzo (University of Milan).

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