6 December 2016 Start
6 December 2016 End
7.00 p.m. Time
Greece Belgian School at Athens, Makri 11, 117 42, Athens


Early portraits of Alexander the Great: the Numismatic Evidence

Tuesday, 6th December 2016

Dr. Ute Wartenberg, Executive Director of the American Numismatic Society will present a highly interesting (and debated) topic: “Early portraits of Alexander the Great: the Numismatic Evidence.” The lecture is part of the Numismatic Seminar series.

The paper revisits the question of Alexander III’s earliest portraits and depictions on coins.  By analysing the data of the unpublished 1973 Iraq hoard and related coinages, I will revisit the question whether the so-called “Porus coinage” does indeed depict Alexander and the famous Indian king during the battle on the Hydaspes River in 326 BC.  Secondly, a second group of coins from Syria will be discussed as presenting in all likelihood the earliest representation of Alexander the Great, which might have implications for the interpretations of Alexander’s royal coinage.

The lecture will take place at the Belgian School at Athens (Makri 11, 117 42, Athens) at 7 pm. You are all more than welcome to attend and please spread this last minute notice around.