29 September 2018 Start
30 September 2018 End
Greece Danish Institute at Athens, Herefondos 14A, Athens

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From Homer to Hatzi-Yavrouda – Aspects of oral narration in the Greek tradition

Saturday 29 - Sunday 30 October 2018

The International Conference: From Homer to Hatzi-Yavrouda – Aspects of oral narration in the Greek tradition will take place in the Danish Insitute at Athens.

9.00 Welcome by The Danish Institute and The University of Athens
Panel 1 Ancient Greece
9.30-10.15 Keynote: Minna Skafte Jensen, Professor Emerita University of Southern Denmark Homer the storyteller: stories within the story
10.15-10.30: Discussion Chair: John Bennet, Director of The British School at Athens
10.30-10.50: Ioannis M. Konstantakos, University of Athens Homeric epic and the Archaic Ionian novella
10.50-11.10: Christos Zafiropoulos, University of Patra, “ἐκ ταυτησὶ τῆς ἐξετάσεως πολλαὶ ἀπέχθειαί μοι γεγόνασι”: Performing philosophy in fifth century Athens
11.10-11.25: Discussion
11.25-12.00: Coffee break
12.00-12.20: Sophia Papaioannou, Professor University of Athens Greek oral narrations and Roman imperial history
12.20-12.40: Liqiong Yang, Sorbonne Université (UMR 8167& UMR 7219)
The interrelationship between the written treatises and oral delivery in the Hippocratic Corpus
From Homer to Hatzi-Yavrouda – Aspects of oral narration in the Greek tradition
12.40-13.00: Evy Johanne Håland, Independent researcher, Bergen/Alumna, Marie Curie Intra-European Fellow, University of Athens Fieldwork and Ancient Sources: A Comparative Method
13.00-13.20: Discussion Chair: Kristina Winther-Jacobsen, Director of The Danish Institute at Athens
13.20-15.00: Lunch break
Panel 2 After Antiquity – Byzantium and post-Byzantium
15.00-15.45: Keynote: Tina Lendari, University of Athens Medieval and Early Modern Greek vernacular literature: questions of genre, transmission, textuality and orality
15.45-16.00: Discussion Chair: George C. Katsadoros, University of the Aegean
16.00-16.20: Stratis Papaioannou, Professor of Byzantine Philology, University of Crete Orality and Textuality in the Byzantine Literary Tradition
16.20-16.40: Markéta Kulhánková, Masaryk University, Brno Byzantine Edifying Stories between Orality and Literacy
16.40-16.55: Discussion
16.55-17.30: Coffee break
17.30-17.50: Nicolette S. Trahoulia, Associate Professor, Deree College – The American College of Greece Looking for Traces of Orality in Byzantine Illustrated Manuscripts
17.50-18.10: Andrew Walker White, George Mason University Post-Classical ‘Oraliture’: Thoughts on the dramatic scholia as Regiebuch
18.10-18.25: Discussion Chair: Nicolai Mariegaard, The Danish Institute at Athens

20.00: Live storytelling performance of The Odyssey by Hugh Lupton and Daniel Morden In collaboration with The British School at Athens and taking place at The British School

9.30-10.15 General keynote: Michalis Meraklis, Professor Emeritus University of Athens What is orality?
10.15-10.30: Discussion
Chair: Christos Zafiropoulos, University of Patra
Panel 3 Modern Greek tales, etc.
10.30-11.15 Keynote: Carl Lindahl, University of Houston Trading Selves in Story
Chair: Marianthi Kaplanoglou, University of Athens
11.15-11.30: Discussion
11.30-12.00: Coffee break 12.00-12.20: Dimitrios V. Prousalis, Teacher, storyteller, Phd Candidate, University of Athens Once upon a time there was a storyteller: Past and present of orality and transmission under the identity of the human element 12.20-12.40: Birgit Olsen, The Danish Institute at Athens Hatzi-Yavrouda and the craft of storytelling
12.40-13.00: Marianthi Kaplanoglou, University of Athens Storytelling and the organization of village life in certain Greek insular communities
13.00-13.20: Argyro E. Mountaki, PhD Candidate, University of Athens Intermediators, collectors and the unknown sources in the 19th century
13.20-13.50: Discussion
Chair: Mogens Pelt, University of Copenhagen/Danish Institute at Athens
13.50-15.30: Lunch break
15.30-15.50: Stamatis Zochios, Postdoctoral researcher at École Pratique des Hautes Études (EPHE) The legend as fact in Greek and European traditions: structures and functions of the supernatural folk beliefs
15.50-16.10: Vassiliki Chryssanthopoulou, University of Athens Personal Narratives of Traumatic Experiences: From Oral Narratives to Websites
16.10-16.30: George C. Katsadoros and Ioanna Kafetzidaki, University of the Aegean The Mantinades (Couplets) of Karpathos Island on the Internet: Local Students’ Views
From Homer to Hatzi-Yavrouda – Aspects of oral narration in the Greek tradition
16.30-16.50: Manolis Varvounis, University of Thrace and Georgios Kouzas, University of Peloponnese Orality and Contemporary Society: Analyzing the Form and the Structure of Social Commentations (Gossips) in a Modern Greek Community
16.50-17.20: Discussion
Chair: Birgit Olsen, The Danish Institute at Athens
17.20-17.50: Coffee break
17.50-18.50: Final remarks/concluding discussion
19.15-20.00: Performance of Shadow Theatre (Karagiozis) by shadow player Tasos Konstas