26 March 2024 Start
4 PM GMT (5 PM CET) Time
Online event

Graeco-Aegyptiaca III: lecture 4

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

The Graeco-Aegyptiaca lecture that will take place next week on Tuesday, March 26th at 4 PM GMT (5 PM CET). Ian Moyer (University of Michigan) will give a talk entitled ‘Deliberating in the open: the public areas of the Ptolemaic Egyptian temple as sites of politics and law’. This paper explores the evidence for councils and courts of Egyptian priests deliberating in the open areas of the temple – a political and juridical function that is comparable to the uses of public places such as the agora or forum in other societies.

This is a free online event, which will take place on Zoom. To reserve a place, please see our Eventbrite page:  If you are interested in signing up to our Graeco-Aegyptiaca email list, please write to [email protected].