18 February 2015 Start
18 February 2015 End
5.00 p.m. Time
Greece Academy of Athens, E. Lambridis' Library, Ypsilantou 9, Athens

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Infancy and childhood in ancient Greek Philosophy II

Wednesday, February 18, 2014

Professor Malcolm Schofield (Cambridge University) will introduce the topic: “Infancy and childhood in ancient Greek Philosophy”. These seminars will not be concerned with ancient theories of childhood development – whether physical or psychological – as such, nor with associated ideas about education. The aim rather is to explore the way some ancient thinkers found infancy and childhood providing them with fruitful ways into exploration of major philosophical questions about the good life, and indeed about the meaning of human life. In short, Professor Schofield shall suggest that these philosophers found infancy and childhood concepts ‘good for thinking with’. The seminar on childhood (Academy of Athens) will focus particularly on the philosophical significance that Heraclitus and Plato attach to children’s play. Key texts: Heraclitus Fr. 79, 117, 56, 52 DK; Plato Symposium 216d-e, Republic 7.518b-c with 521c, Laws 1.643b-d, 7.794a, 797a-798d (with 819b-c), and especially 803a-804c.