4 November 2021 Start
4 November 2021 End
15.30 (Central European Time) Time
Online event


Kom el-Khawaled, a Tell in the North

Thursday, 04 November 2021

Dr John Ljungkvist (Uppsala University) will address the topic “Kom el-Khawaled, a Tell in the North: The Results of Two Uppsala University Surveys and the Research Potential of a Late Antique to Late Medieval Site in the Northern Delta”.


In 2006 and 2008, an interdisciplinary group from Uppsala University, together with researchers from UCL and Southampton, conducted surveys on the c. 900×500 m large tell of Kom el-Khawaled, which belongs to the northernmost group of sites in the Delta, bordering the marshes of Lake Burrullus. The data from these surveys is yet to be fully interpreted and contextualized, but its potential is evident from the resulting combination of source materials. A substantial amount of systematically recorded surface finds has been gathered. The earliest might be Hellenistic in date, but the bulk probably span
from the 4th to 10th centuries CE. This material is supplemented by magnetometry
surveys, drill cores, topographic surface models, and excellent opportunities to
distinguish architecture on satellite images. The tell itself is remarkable in a
number of ways. It is not only significantly large, we have also identified several
workshops from primarily glass but also traces of what seems to be a significant
bronze casting workshop and a number of possible pottery kilns. Further, some
of the architecture seems to be of a clearly substantial scale. The workshop materials bring this tell into the global trade discussion of the Late Antique to early Islamic period; most remarkably, a few finds have clear connections to imports found in Sweden, for example in Birka and Valsgärde.

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