10 November 2022 Start
10 November 2022 End
17:00 (UK), 19:00 (GR) Time
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Kythera and Laconia

10 November 2022

Kythera and Laconia, a continuous dependent relationship is the topic addressed by Aris Tsaravopoulos (Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Sports) during this Sparta Live! webinar, organized by The Centre for Spartan & Peloponnesian Studies of the University of Nottingham and the City (Dimos) of Sparti. The event will be hosted by Dr. Chrysanthi Gallou, Mayor Petros Doukas, and Dr. Matt Thompson.

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Kythera and Laconia; about

This paper will discuss the strong dependent relationship of the island of Kythera with Laconia. Apart from the administrative and economic sector, this dependency also extends – as evidenced by the latest research – to the cultural and especially the religious field despite the remarkable continuity of the worship of Aphrodite, which seems to continue that of the Minoan Great Goddess and of the Phoenician Astarte. Finally, an attempt will be made to explain why no remains of the sanctuary and the temple of Aphrodite, which Pausanias mentioned in the 2nd c. AD., are preserved nowadays.