10 February 2022 Start
10 February 2022 End
1:00-2:00 pm (UK time) Time
Zoom lecture

e-mail.: Elizabeth Thomas ([email protected]), Doyle Declan ([email protected]), Giulia Tonon ([email protected])

Nurturing Children on the Acropolis of Athens: The Daughters of Kekrops

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Ioannis Mitsios (University of Athens) will address the topic “Nurturing Children on the Acropolis of Athens: The Case of the Daughters of Kekrops”.

The seminar is part of the programme of the University of Liverpool’ Work in Progress (WiP) Seminar Series for Semester 2.

Seminars will take place on Thursdays at 1 pm-2pm UK time on Zoom.

Please email Elizabeth Thomas ([email protected]), Doyle Declan ([email protected]) or Giulia Tonon ([email protected]) for the zoom link.

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