27 September 2013 Start
29 September 2013 End
Australia Department of Ancient History Faculty of Arts Macquarie University , 2019, Sydney

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Observing the Scribe at Work in Roman and Early Islamic Egypt

27th-29th September 2013

Macquarie University, Australia organizes a conference in the framework of the Australian Research Council funded project ‘Knowledge Transfer and Administrative Professionalism in a Pre-Typographic Society: Observing the Scribe at work in Roman and Early Islamic Egypt’.

The conference ‘Observing the Scribe at work in Roman and Early Islamic Egypt’ will bring together specialists in pre-modern societies of the Mediterranean world and adjoining cultures, from the ancient Near East, through the Egyptian and Classical worlds to Byzantium and Renaissance Europe. The papers will contribute to a deeper understanding of the processes that drive the operation of pre-printing cultures, and transmit knowledge and traditions forward in human societies.

The conference will be held at Macquarie University on 27-28 September 2013. Participants are required to register for attendance by 31 August 2013.

For further info, please contact Malcolm.Choat or [email protected].