27 April 2020 Start
27 April 2020 End
7.00 p.m. Time

Places in the Attic Orators: a philologist and his topography

April 27, 2020

The first BSA Virtual Lecture will take place on Monday 27 April at 5pm (UK) / 7pm (Greece). Professor Mike Edwards (University of London / BSA Visiting Fellow 2019-20) will present ‘Places in the Attic Orators: a philologist and his topography’.


Hundreds of places in Athens and Attica, and more broadly in Greece and across Europe, are referred to in the speeches of the Attic Orators, the canon of ten speechwriters and politicians from the fifth and fourth centuries BC. Among them are demes and sanctuaries, buildings and even walls. The precise location of many of these places remains uncertain, but often where a place was may have a direct bearing on the text or argument of a passage. In this lecture I will focus on the location of three demes, Paiania, Holargos and Besa, which are among the thirty-two demes mentioned in the speeches of the fourth-century orator Isaios and which, in very different ways, were the motivating factors of my project on Places in the Attic Orators as the BSA’s Visiting Fellow for 2020.

All interested can participate in the lecture online via Zoom. Registration is required. The lecture will be limited to 100 participants. Early registration is recommended to avoid disappointment.

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