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25 October 2022 Start
25 October 2022 End
5pm (UK) / 7pm (Greece) Time
UK and Greece Virtually


Sparta: how odd?

25 October 2022

Sparta: how odd? is the title of the lecture by Prof. Paul Cartledge (University of Oxford).

The topic explores the community and polity of Sparta. For most non-Spartan ancient Greeks the community and polity of Sparta seemed decidedly odd: very military, exceptionally if not excessively pious, unusually liberal towards its women citizens, and unique in its compulsory educational cycle that included institutionalized homosexuality/pederasty. Against them, a modern trend of scholarship contends that Sparta was not all that odd, really. This lecture will side, decidedly and decisively, with the majority of non-Spartan ancient Greeks.

The event is to be held virtually and is a British School of Athens Friends’ Lecture. Webinar registration: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_CoAcSkxcSR-L7dkKO6a_Bw 

*It is customary to ask for a small donation (the BSA suggests £10 for existing Supporters, £15 otherwise) at Friends’ Lecture Series events. You can donate here (please quote “Friends” in the comments box). All proceeds will go towards supporting the BSA’s world-class facilities, including the Library, Fitch Laboratory, and Knossos Research Centre.

For an article by Prof. Paul Cartledge see here.