6 March 2023 Start
6 March 2023 End
4pm (UK) / 6pm (Greece) Time
Greece British School at Athens, Souidias 52, Athens / online


The ceramic landscapes of Corinth and Sikyon

Monday, March 6, 2023

Dr Carlotta Gardner will address the topic “Revisiting ancient ceramic production in the northern Peloponnese: the ceramic landscapes of Corinth and Sikyon”. A BSA Upper House Seminar. You can participate in the event either in-person in Athens or live online via Zoom.


The northern Peloponnese provides evidence of prolific ceramic production from all periods and across the entire region, documented in the excavated ceramic assemblages and by the growing number of confirmed production centres and kiln sites. The region stands out as an area that has continuously attracted a large amount of science-based work on archaeological ceramics. Despite this long and rich history of such inquiries a number of key questions remain, and particularly concerning characterisation of different production centres in the region. This has been shown to be problematic, mainly due to the homogenous geology of the region.

This paper will present results from an ongoing project which explores the ceramic landscape of the Corinth-Sikyon region. By using the ceramic landscape approach and scientific analysis, we investigated the provenance and technology of a range of ceramic objects from the Archaic through to Roman period, alongside a study of the clayey raw materials. Our aim is to understand how the various ceramic workshops in this region were organised, how they interacted with each other as well as other crafts and industries, and how they worked interacted with the surrounding landscape.

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