6 September 2020 Start
6 September 2021 End
Israel Rockefeller Archaeological Museum, Jerusalem


The Egyptian Empire in Canaan

6 Septepber 2020 - 6 September 2021

The Egyptian Empire in Canaan is the title of an exhibition in progress at the Rockefeller Archaeological Museum, Jerusalem, under the curation of Fawzi Ibrahim.

The defeat of Canaanites by the Egyptians at the Battle of Megiddo (1457 BCE) was followed by a period of Egyptian rule over Canaan lasting some 350 years. Documents from this time point to direct military and administrative presence in Canaan. But to what extent can we call this “the Egyptian Empire in Canaan”?

On-display in this gallery are monumental Egyptian artifacts of this time, excavated at Tel Beth Shean in the 1920s; the artifacts include two victory stelae of the pharaoh Seti I and a statue of Ramesses III.

The exhibition is running since September 6, 2020, and till September 6, 2021.