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6 September 2022 Start
6 September 2022 End
4:15 pm–6:00 pm Time
Norway Georg Morgenstiernes hus, University of Oslo, Blindernveien 31, entrance from Moltke Moes vei, Oslo


Unearthing the Music of the Past: The Ancient Musical Scores

September 6, 2022

“Unearthing the Music of the Past: The Ancient Musical Scores”, Dr. Christos Terzis (Österreichisches Archäologisches Institut)

A new digital edition of all surviving documents of ancient music will be presented, revealing available text and music, accompanied by images of the sources, brief commentaries, transcriptions to modern stave notation, and eventually, the option of listening to these musical fragments at the correct ancient pitch.

Organizer: Silvio Bär

This guest lecture is jointly organized between the Oslo Papyrus Collection and the Classics Seminar.It is open to everyone interested. Welcome!