This educational program aims at the best utilization of the National Gardens’ potentialities, being the major assembly of plants in the Greek capital, for the environmental education of youth and for the general public. The program is the result of the cooperation between the Greek Section of ICOM (International Council of Museums) and the Commitee of Public Gardens and Alleys, and was for the first time realized in April, 1988, on the occasion of the European Year for the Environment.

Taking into consideration that the National Garden lies in the centre of Athens, has a rich vegetation and serves as an easily accessible pastime area to many Athenians, the Greek Section of ICOM carefully planned and published a special leaflet, useful to teachers and to anyone interested. It contains a colour map ot the Garden with all its worth-seeing sites marked and commented on by an elucidating brief text. The reverse of the leaflet gives information relevant to the Garden.Its history and stages of development,plants and animals residing in it, the necessary care for its proper maintenance and the staff required.

Finally, this leaflet, available at the “institutions” of the National Garden-the Botanic Museum and the Children’s Library – is accompanied by a special educational pamphlet for children, aged 7-11.