The Ministry of Culture in Greece was called upon by the religious magistrate and the Arabic-speaking community of the city of Nazareth to attend to the conservation of the historic Greek Orthodox Church of The Annunciation in this city. A mission was sent to Nazareth consisting of a specialized team of conservators by the Minister of Culture, Mr. N. Sifounakis. The problems of deterioration of the sculpted wooden (walnut) iconostasis of the church were related to tunneling by woodworm, overpaying with copper-based paint (inimation gold) and other former interventions. Conservation treatment of the iconostasis consisted of the mechanical and chemical removal (ethanol, paintstripper) of the overpaintingand filling of missing areas with polyurethane resin and walnut wood which was adhered with a PVA emulsion adhesive. Conservation treatment was completed with the cleaning, color integration (Liquitex acrylic paints) of compensated areas and lacquering (Rembrandt Matt and Gloss Varnish). Fumigation is planned for the continued preservation of the iconostasis.