It was officially established in 1987 as the final realization of an earlier project dating from 1965. It has gained international recognition due to its long, original and pioneering activity. Its objective is the examination of archaeological objects, monuments and materials through physics and chemical methods (C-14, X-rays: microanalysis) and the consequent generation of special information thai contributes to the fuller understanding of our cultural history. Such information includes dating, technological studies, the derivation of raw materials, the location and recording of ancient quarries and mines, the identification of pigments, paper and all sorts of archaeological inorganic material, as well as authenticity tests on ceramics. The laboratory is staffed with ten scientists and many of its projects are completed through a national and international network of clolaborations. It has recently been assigned by NATO with a pilot project, titled “Technologies for Civilization”. The archaeometry lab “Democritos” also organizes seminars and twice a year brings out the periodical “Delta”.