These programmes were carried out either on the Acropolis area and its museums or in each particular school. 3.1. Educational Programmes Carried out on the Acropolis Area This section includes teachers who organised their own programme in order to teach at school or on the Acropolis site and in the Centre for the Acropolis Studies. The programme is described in their paper. The first paper presents the results of the study on the growth of historic perception of teen-agers inside the Centre and on the Acropolis which is part of this particular research carried out in museums in general. Two 7th grade teachers describe their teaching approach for the study of the Acropolis. Two 4th grade teachers in order to accompany their pupils on the Acropolis, created a trail, which they describe. The last teacher presents a “Guidebook of the Centre for the Acropolis Studies” a collective research, editing and printing effort of her 10th graders. 3.2. Educational Programmes Carried out at School

This section includes teachers from the region of Athens who after their visit to the monuments or with the help of Museum-Kits, organised rellevant programmes at school. The first three teachers took part with their pupils in the open-day educational programme “A Day at the Acropolis”. The complex and fruitful activites in which the students participated before and after their visit to the archaeological site, are presented, as well as, follow-up work produced; research done, poems written, painting and sculpture, performances, editing and printing a 50 page booklet are among the children’s work. A team of pupils from a school, who took part in the programme organised a minor “Day at the Acropolis” for the rest of their fellow pupils, at school. The folllowing paper describes how a teacher was forced into organising a special programme at his school in order to console his distressed pupils after a disappointing experience caused by a foreign television filming crew. The last two papers show the vast importance of extra-curricular clubs and in particular of an Archaeology Club at school.