Europos, a town in Macedonia, occupies an important geographical position on the west bank of Axios river and was continuously inhabited from the Prehistoric period down to the end of antiquity. Recent excavations brought to light sections of the town, workshop sectors (ceramic kilns) and parts of cemeteries that reveal the successive phases of the town’s course in history. (Classical and Hellenistic years, Macedonian, Imperial and Late Roman periods). The cemeteries of Europos offer us the opportunity to follow the diachronic evolution of burial customs and practices within the entire spectrum of the social classes of each separate era. The grave finds supply information about all sectors of private and public life. Part of the Roman cemetery with its monumental vaulted tombs will be promoted with the help of the Regional Community Support Framework. Since work on the promotion of the site has already started, we hope that Europos will soon become a cultural nucleus for the development of the entire region.