Empiral Technology has always existed in Greece as in many order countries. It seems, however, that from the time Science is born in the land of Ionia, the insemination and development of ancient Greek Technology is faster and wider. Needless to say that such a fertilisation of Technology by Science was bound to happen one way or another. The particular evidences which verify this happy hymenaeus of Technology and Science in ancient Greece are pin-pointed in this article: they range from the years of Thales and Eupalinus (surveys for the materialization of important technical works) to the Alexandrian culmination of Greek Technology (the mathematic helix as base for Archimedes’ helical pump, the sound numeration by the Pythagoreans that facilitated the manufacturing of musical instruments, etc). As a matter of fact it also occurred a cross-insemination’’: Technology payed back its debt to Science, as a gift in return, by building measuring scientific instruments-protractor, chorobates (levelling device), hodometer, astrolabe, hydraulic clock, astronomical simulator of Antikythera and others-which have contributed to the progress of Greek Science of that age.