The Berbati-Limnes archaeological survey is the first of its kind performed in Greece under the auspices of the Swedish Archaeological Institute of Athens. The author of the present article, who took the initiative for this survey, was also head of the research expedition. The in situ research was undertaken in three expeditions in Argolis, during the years 1988-1990 in the region east of Mycenae. The research program was financed by the Humanitarian-Social-Scientific Research Center, the Joseph Aners and the Marc and Amalia Valemberg Institutes, the Royal Scholarship Foundation and the Eric and Lily Phillipson Foundation. The research team organized the search for the perpetual inhabitation of the forementioned location from Antiquity until today (housing, land cultivation). The archaeological survey at Berbati and Limnes also produced significant information on the communication and emigration of people in the North-eastern Peloponnese. This information represents a necessary and valuable addition to our knowledge, obtained so far through the archaeological excavations taking place in the area in the last hundred years.