University studies in Greece are not related to the perspective of a professional career in a specific service. The majority of graduates of the Department of History and Archaeology can choose either to be employed as high school teachers, a few enter the Archaeological Service, and even fewer do research or have an academic career. For the future employees of the Archaeological Service a degree in History and Archaeology of archaeological

orientation- is required by Law. The effectiveness of the curriculum of studies in Archaeology at the Athens University is hampered by three main factors: a. The excessive number of students in each course, b. The choice made by students of semester courses at the beginning of studies, which is usually superficial since the student lacks the necessary background and relevant information, c. The complex issue of the one “Greek” entry in the necessary bibliography. The combination of the forementioned negative factors decisively affects the graduates degree. Since 1988 Athens University offers postgraduate studies in Archaeology that create the possibility of overcoming the existing weaknesses of the undergraduate programme.