Tragic poetry is the first to record cases of suicide in antiquity. The research we have attempted through the newspaper issues, as regards both the actual incidents and the problematic on the handling of the phenomenon, has led us to the following conclusion: it is equally difficult the reasons leading to a suicide to be intentified, since they differ from individual, as it is impossible general advice or methods to be proposed for the prevention of committing suicide. How the suicide of Periklis Giannopoulos, Kostas Karyotakis, Penelopi Delta, Ioannis Sykoutris can be explained? In spite of the relevant elucidation furnished by some of them, many unanswered questions still remain. Society has always faced suicide with reserve, if not with irony! Already in the late nineteenth century Emile Durkheim, who has dealt thoroughly with the phenomenon in his book Social reasons of of suicide and has tried both to discover the reasons of suicide and to determine the share of responsibility belonging to society, admits that something deeper and entirely personal drives an individual to take his own life. Modern societies have organized congress and centers for uplifting the moral and have analyzed the psychological and psychosomatic reasons. Nevertheless, the statistics continue to record an increasing tendency for suicide, rocketing to a 260% in the last fifty years. Psychologists and other specialists recommend the old, good recipe, that is, love and care for individuals who have excessive sensitivity. The Line of Social Aid (phone number 197) is vigilant twenty-four hours a day.