At the northernmost point of Attica, amidst a pine- forest is located the major sanctuary of ancient Greece, dedicated to the chthonian god Amphiaraos. It was founded at the end of the fifth century BC and was a healing sanctuary. People suffering from physical illness or from the burden of crucial problems asked the god’s help in order to be cured or relieved. To achieve their objective, the god’s suppliants had to follow a certain procedure. Instructions were given to them either by the sanctuary’s personnel or by the text incised on a specific stele (sacred law). The physical or psychological disease was healed or counseled by the god while the patient was asleep. The edifices of the sanctuary are built along the banks of the ravine torrent. On the left bank the official buildings are located (the stoa, theater, temple, altar, e.t.c), while to the right the living quarters lie.