The building was constructed in 1835 to house the Royal Printing Press and Lithograph Press. In August 1854, both wings were totally destroyed by fire. In 1905 a new building was erected designed by the architect K. Bellini, to become the National Printing Press. In 1931-1932, the Athens Court was housed in the old, ruined building of the old Printing Press on Stadiou street. Another storey was added to it as well as the lateral wings facing the corner of Santa Rosa St., Panepistimiou St., and Arsaki. The façade was also reconstructed. In 1982, as part of a general plan thought up by Antonis Tritsis, the fate was decided for both the Arsaki building and those housing the Athens Court. Demolition started in 1985. The author of this article lent his expertise in establishing the Athens Court as a historical building and deterring its demolition. The time is ripe for this building’s restoration which, possibly for the first time, raises the issue of implementing the Charter of Venice.