The philosophical and ideological foundations for the human centred approach to the design and operation of healthcare institutions seem to have their origin in the Hellenic (Greek) culture, the first anthropocentric culture developed in Europe and the base of the, so called, western civilization.

One of the main and prototypic sources for origin research appears to be the Hellenic mythology and especially its part dealing with theogonya. Because under the divine stories of the Hellenic mythology, philosophical and ideological theses are hidden, concerning the original norms and forms of life that derive from “…the deep well of Time, in which Myth has its home». So, when trying to identify the philosophy behind the concept of the ..Human Centred Approach to Healthcare Design”, we have to search for original and ideological norms and forms in the myth of Asklepius, the divine physician and god of healing in the Hellenic mythology. According to that myth, the Human Centred Healthcare Design has its philosophical origin in the human effort and in the respect for the divine healing powers of nature, and it is understood as a product of harmonic collaboration between nature and man.