The ancient Greek nuptials lasted for three days. On the first day, called proaulia, (prelude to the wedding) three moments stand out. The proteleia is the preliminary sacrifice offered by the bride’s father. The aparchae is the bride’s primal offering to Artemis by cutting off hair from her forehead. Last, on the first day, comes the loutroforia, where the bride is cleansed by bathing. On the day of the actual wedding, the bride partakes, with her face covered, in a dinner given by her father. A young man having both parents alive wishes the couple prosperity. At the end of the dinner come the anakalypteria, presents made by the bridegroom when the bride unveils. A procession with songs sees the bride to her new home. The bridegroom’s parents shower the couple with katachysmata, handfuls of nuts, figs etc. On the third day of the wedding, the epaulia, the bride’s relatives bring presents to the new home.