A preparatory congress under this title was held in Athens during the 16th and 17th of June 1994. Its purpose was the organization in the fall of 1995 of an international congress on the same issue, so that a new code, a New Chart of Athens to be formulated as a result of the relevant proceedings. Such a new chart, which will comprise general principles and will be effective for all the settlements of earth -with their endless variability-has become a necessity. This article is a brief reference to the main substantial remarks made during the preparatory congress, which have been classified in the following unities:

1. What is the “Chart of Athens”.

2. Which are the characteristic problems of the modem CM and what creates them.

3. Which are the forces, the interplay of which affects the reformation of our cities today.

4. Whether and how all these different factors, responsible for the creation of the modern city, could be handled by a common code.