A list of Venetian officials in Modon, published in 1873 by the German scholar Karl Hopf in his work Chroniques greco-romaines inedites ou peu connues, is frequently used by most archaeologists, historians, architects and other relevant scholars as far as the castle of Modon is concerned. Nevertheless, the deficiencies, inaccuracies, and errors occurring in this list have dictated the compiling of a new one. On the other hand, no attempt has been made to specify how a Venetian government was established in Modon. Therefore, this article includes a new list of Venetian officials in Modon, which can be of great help in the relevant scientific research, and offers a clear picture of the way the Venetian government was organized in the castle of Modon throughout the centuries. Byzantines, Franks, Venitians, Ottomans and, finally, Abandonment itself have governed over the castle of Modon. It is about time that Historiography establishes its headquarters in this castle, a site pregnant with historical memory.