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Terms NoR3N

If you need to reach me urgently contact me via Email; I am usually unable to keep up with all the notes on my account. Do not email me unless you are sure it's important. If you need to reach me badly enough to email me, I am [email protected]

MY RULES ("'Do as thou wilt' shall be the whole of the law")

If you violate any of these rules or violate any of my copyrights you are prohibited entirely, forever, from using any of my stock in any way, shape, or form - commercially or otherwise. No appeals and no amount of begging will help; decisions are final.

You may use my stock as you see fit except as follows:
1) If you can't read my rules, or can't be bothered to read my rules, or can't be bothered to find and read my rules, you are too lazy or illiterate to use my stock and are permanently banned from doing so. If you email me asking 'what are your rules' you are permanently banned from using my stock, unless I tell you otherwise.

2) You are allowed to repost works based on my stock in other places (RedBubble, Renderosity, Facebook, personal websites, contests, whatever) but please maintain a credit to me where appropriate and possible.

3) Do not simply upload them to a pay site; if you do that, you'll get a DMCA request from me and possibly I'll sue you for damages. These stocks are for photocompositors, students, archaeologists and artists; they are not to be used as content in and of themselves.

If you have any questions; ask via Email.
If you ask me a question that is already answered here, I will not answer.