The unique “Polyandria” of Paroikia, Paros, where 140 young dead warriors’ cremated remains had been buried 3000 years ago in two mass graves has been a spot for veneration 1000 years after their death. A veil of obscurity covered the glorified dead till 1982, when archaeologists under Fotini Zafeiropoulou uncovered their graves. Since 2003, when excavation work finished, little has been done to honor this place of ancient glory…     Weather conditions and ground water threaten the site which is remains far from the public eye. Till now.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has decided to commence restoration work on the site, which will soon be open to the public. Establishing a drainage system to prevent flooding will be the first priority in the restoration program, which will include enclosing the site, supplying it with information material (signs) and paving it in order to allow organized visits.

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